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Glasses & Contacts

From people who’ve worn eyeglasses their whole lives, to those just getting their first set of frames… From patients who have long-trusted contact lenses, to others looking to make the switch; Paden Eye Care Center provides an extensive range of eye care products to ensure your eyesight is at its best.

We strive to help our patients achieve crystal clear confidence and vision by delivering the most innovative optometry services in the community of Medford, OR. Our full-service optical boutique will make it easy for you to find the latest designer eyewear, have minor adjustments and get repairs done.

Get a vision check-up & upgrade your eyewear!

Our Stylish Selection of Spectacles

Trends fade, but our commitment to our patients’ needs is always in fashion! At our full-service optical boutique, you’ll find a wide selection of designer eyeglasses and an on-site lab where we can customize your selection to perfectly fit your face and correct your vision.

With close to 1,000 frame and lens design options to choose from, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Our optician team is here to walk you through the entire process and match you with your best pair!

We know it can be a little overwhelming, so that’s why we have a team of experienced opticians to help you find the frames to fit what you’re looking for. We will take into account your lifestyle, attributes of your face, your job, hobbies, and prescription. After that, we’ll guide you to the best combination of lens and frame designs. We carry some of the most popular designer frames including Ovvo, Caviar, Jaguar, Cazal, Jonathan Cate and Flair to name a few.

Some of Our Brand Offerings

-Jonathan Cate
& more!

Available Lenses

-Transitions® lenses (darken outdoors)
-Safety lenses
-Hoya® progressive no-line bifocal lenses
-Sports lenses
-Glare-free lenses
-Ultrathin high-index lenses
-Computer lenses
-Reading lenses
-Anti-fatigue lenses

Contact Lenses

Are you not a glasses person or only interested in wearing frames once in a while? Contact lenses are likely an excellent option for you! Paden Eye Care Center offers a full spectrum of innovative contact lenses for people with varying vision needs. Paden Eye Care Center is proud to offer comprehensive contact lens options, including daily disposables, daily wear, extended wear, multifocal, soft lenses, colored lenses, toric lenses (to correct astigmatism), other specialty, and lens fittings.

-Daily disposables
-Daily wear
-Extended wear
-Soft lenses
-Colored lenses
-Toric lenses (to correct astigmatism)

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